About Us

Fix Dancewear – A Passion for Dance


At Fix Dancewear, we want to be there to support you throughout your dance journey. Our goal is to make high-quality dancewear available to people everywhere, and toward that end, we have established a fast, reliable, and global distribution network. Knowing how much dance means to the people who learn and practice it – professionals and amateurs alike – we run our business from a place of enthusiasm and vigor. We want to empower dancers everywhere, encouraging them to do what they love.



Always Light on Our Toes


Asking ourselves "Why is dancewear so expensive?" we realized that there was nogood answer. Everywhere we looked, we found only excuses from brands that were overcharging for their products. We decided to stand up for the change that we wanted to see and fix the industry, pioneering a new brand of dancewear that is affordable without sacrificing quality. This is dancewear that you can put on knowing that you can stretch it out, that you can push yourself, and if you need to replace something, that is fine. Because of our incredible service, we always have your back.



Our Commitment to You


Fix Dancewear is your go-to source for any dancewear that you need. Before your next practice session or recital, you know exactly where to turn for every item on your list.


* Transparency

Openness with our team & clients. We raise issues & provide solutions promptly. 

* Self Improvement

Never stop learning, never stop evolving into who we want to be and where we want to be.

*Over Deliver

Deliver more value than our tam & clients expect. Every day, over every delivery. 

* Hard Work

Respecting how hard you work to perfect your dance moves, we are working hard to provide you with the high-quality dancewear you need.



Let's Go Backstage!


Based in the idyllic, thriving oasis city of Tel Aviv, Israel, we operate strictly online, focusing on the service that we offer to our e-commerce customers. We operate our logistics warehouse in China, distributing our dancewear to locations all around the globe and offering rock-bottom shipping rates and lightning-fast shipping times. First and foremost to us, though, is quality. We want you to feel satisfied when you open your package from us and try on your leotards, shoes, tights, and skirts, all of which we make from the finest fabrics available.


It is our mission to serve dancers worldwide by putting high-quality, affordable dancewear within reach. We want all people to have access to dance, including poor populations. Traveling for a year, we have